Scientist Project- I’m a fan

I’M A FAN!!!

You will be creating a fan full of research and information about the scientist you have chosen.

Front of Fan

  • Picture of scientist (must fill majority of page)
  • Name of scientists in the proclamation  (ex. I’m a _______ Fan!!!)
  • Your name and class period
  • Resources

Back of Fan

Square 1- The Personal Info

  • Full Name of Scientist
  • Birth Date & Death Date
  • Type of Scientist
  • Country of birth, death, and location of work

Square 2- Contributions 

  • Contributions to Science
  • What your science is known for (May include quotes, awards, etc.)
  • If your scientists was nominated for an Academy Award, what would it be? (Related to contribution or famous for info)

Square 3- Social Media Corner

If your scientists was alive during the age of Twitter, what would their Twitter Profile look like?

  • @name
  • 3-5 following/followers (alive or dead)
  • Favorite #
  • Most re-tweeted tweet

Square 4

  • How is your scientist related to Chemistry?




Online Research Resources:




Dmitri Mendeleev

Image result for dmitri mendeleev

Marie Curie

Antoine Lavoisier

Ernest Rutherford

Amedeo Avogadro

Image result for amedeo avogadro

Galileo Galilei

Francis Bacon

Henry Moseley

Lise Meitner

Image result for lise meitner

Joseph John Thomson

Niels Henrik David Bohr 

Werner Heisenberg

Erwin Schrodinger 

James Chadwick

Glenn Seaborg

Max Planck

Image result for max planck